Conference and workshop presentations

Several EcoKnow papers at BPM 2021

This year there will be several EcoKnow papers presented at the international BPM 2021 conference and affiliated workshops in Rome. At the main conference EcoKnow researchers have two accepted papers in the foundations track. The first paper, Weighing the Pros and Cons: Process Discovery with Negative Examples, is the first regular paper at the conference presented Tuesday, September 7th at 11:00. The second paper, Zoom and enhance: Action refinement via subprocesses in timed declarative processes, is presented at the last day of the conference, September 9th at 14:00. Hereto comes a keynote talk by Thomas Hildebrandt and a paper on merging declarative process and decision modelling with DMN at the 9th International Workshop on DEClarative, DECision and Hybrid approaches to processes (DEC2H 2021) held on September 6th just before the main conference and a paper on Exploring the Conformance Space at the 1st Italian forum on Business Process Management (ITBPM 2021) held on September 10th just after the main conference.


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