EcoKnow Closing Conference August 12th

Online and on-location (IT University of Copenhagen)

Video recording from the conference.


08:3009:00Arrival, coffee & tea
09:0009:10Thomas Hildebrandt, Professor,
Head of Ecoknow and
SDPS Section, DIKU
Welcome (slides)
09:1009:20Thomas Hildebrandt, DIKU Overview of EcoKnow – Effective, co-created and compliant adaptive case management for knowledge workers (slides)
09:2009:30Inge Bograd,
Management consultant,
Per Andreasen,
Management consultant,
Digitalization maturity and realizing value propositions (slides)
09:3009:50Barbara Weber, Professor,
Dean School of Computer Science,
University of St. Gallen
Flexible Process Management and Planning: State of the art and challenges (slides)
09:5010:10Lars Rune Christensen,
Associate Professor,
IT University of Copenhagen
Naja Holten Møller,
Tenure Track Assistant Professor, DIKU
Digitalization of Case Management, Discretion and AI (slides)
10:1010:25Break – refreshments
10:2510:45Søren Debois,
Associate Professor, ITU
Hugo Lopez,
Assistant Professor, DIKU
Morten Marquard, CEO,
DCR Solutions
Compliance Management with Digital Models of Decisions, Processes and the Law  (slides)
10:4511:00Gian Luca Cattani, R&D Director, Maps Group, ItalyCompliance and Efficiency Management with DCR at the Municipality of Genoa (slides)
11:0011:20Tijs Slaats,
Associate Professor, DIKU
Paul Cosma,
Industrial PhD, KMD & DIKU
Declarative Process Discovery and Explainable Decision Support (slides)
11:2011:40Amine Abbad-Andaloussi, Postdoc, University of St. GallenEnhancing the Modeling and Comprehension of DCR Graphs (slides)
11:4011:45 Additional questions from the audience
12:4513:05Gianmaria Tarantino, Data Scientist, Maps Group, ItalyPaul Cosma, Industrial PhD, KMD & DIKUFrom Document-centric case management (ESDH) to process-aware adaptive case management using NLP and process mining (slides)
13:0513:25Andrea Burratin,
Associate Professor, DTU
Streaming Process Mining: State of the Art and Research Directions (slides)
13:2513:45Søren Debois,
CTO, DCR Solutions
Morten Marquard,
CEO, DCR Solutions
Hugo A. Lopez,
Assistant Professor, DIKU
Next Generation Zero-code Process and Compliance Management DCR Indicators (slides)
13:4514:05Flemming Weel,
Partner, Infoventure 
Process Analysis and Dynamic Guidelines  (slides)
14:0514:20Break – refreshments
14:2014:40Peter C. Damm,
Applied Research Director, KMD
Trustworthy and Explainable AI for Decision Support – the road ahead (slides)
14:4015:00Naja Holten Møller,
Tenure Track Assistant Professor, DIKU
Work of the Unemployed – individuals’ experience of data usage in public services and possibilities for their agency (slides)
15:0515:45 Panel and plenum discussion (slide)
15:4516:00Thomas Hildebrandt,
Professor & Principal Investigator, University of Copenhagen
Acknowledgements & Conclusion of conference (slides)